young adults

Young-adulthood is an adventure and a time of transition and flux.

We aim to be a church in which young adults can do five things:  

Belong – keep caring friendships within a church family and peer groups 

Be – form and express your God-given identity in a place of grace 

Seek – ask questions and wrestle with the questions of life and faith 

Grow – Experience, learn and explore to build on good foundations, with the help of along-siders and mentors 

Give – Improve the world around them through service, leadership and using their gifting and strengths 

These are pursued within our young adult small groups, short courses, church serving teams and day-to-day relationships. Each person benefits from what others bring and enriches what others receive.  Connect groups for young adults are held on Wednesday evenings.

Pastor Brigitte Crowe leads the Young Adults Ministry