is there more to life than this?

Probably everyone asks this question at some stage in their life. Or they may ask it this way: What on earth am I here for? or Is there a God who I can know?

These are the sort of questions we should be asking and seeking the right answer.

As Christians we believe God is real, that He came to earth as the man Jesus Christ, that He is way, the truth and the life we need and that we can know God. 

Each year Pakuranga Baptist Church hosts an Alpha course. Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explores all the big questions of life with food, a talk and open discussion.

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Christianity explained

Pakuranga Baptist hosts short courses of 6 weeks, usually during the Sunday morning service, to help those wanting to understand the Christian faith. Groups as small as one participant and one leader are formed during the year as needed. There is a short teaching followed by discussion when participants can ask questions which might not be asked in a larger group.

Contact us if you are interested to joining the next Christianity Explained group.


The decision to become a Christian is the beginning of an exciting walk with God, a dramatic and life changing experience that brings peace, purpose and fulfillment in God's service, but how do we walk? 


The  Successful Christian Living course looks at the foundational practices we follow. Not just knowledge, but everyday living is emphasised.