the First step

If you want to find out more about Christianity, the Bible, God and to discover the truth about Jesus Christ then please join us at our service on Sunday at 10am or contact us during the week.  

If you are already enjoying the joy and freedom through faith in Jesus and are looking for a church family to belong to please come on Sunday and allow time to talk with us after the service. 

We aim to greet each of our visitors and invite them to have a chat with other people in the congregation before and after the service to find out more about the PBC family.  Scroll down to read typical Q&A.

We periodically provide opportunities to meet other people during shared morning teas after the service or lunches for visitors and at other gatherings. You will find out what is happening this week in our newsletter.  There are also opportunities to develop friendships with other people through volunteer service or participation in a connect group or attending a short course or seminar. 

questions & answers

Where do I park?   Our Sunday morning service is at 10am.  You can drive into the carpark from 2 Fremantle Place. Three churches are located on the site, we are in the middle just past the Kindergarten.   You are welcome to park in the carparks at the front or the rear of the auditorium and Activity Centre.  

Where do I go? Enter the church auditorium doors facing Ti Rakau Road. You'll find friendly people in the foyer who would love to meet you, answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.    

What are the services like?   Our church services usually begin with an item by the worship team and 3-4 congregational songs. There is a welcome, announcement & prayer time after which there is a further time of praise and worship, followed by a message or sermon.  Personal prayer ministry is available at the end. The service usually finishes around 11:00 to 11:15am. After the service people often stay for a cup of tea or coffee and conversation with friends and new people.

What about children?   We are a multi-generational church. We like our children to be part of our community time for the first 15-20 minutes before they head over to their ministry areas - check out Under 5s & Kidzone & Pulse.

What do the teenagers do during the service? Our youth form an essential part of our congregation. They participate in various roles during the morning service. Find out more about Converge service for youth.

What should I wear? Pakuranga Baptist has a relaxed style with people usually choosing tidy casual clothing.   

What should I bring with me?   If you have a Bible, please feel free to bring it along. We do take up an offering to support the work of the church. As a guest do not feel you have to contribute.   

How do I get to know people?   One of the most useful things you can do is to talk with some of us so you can get to know more about the church. You can leave us contact information on the Sunday. Please join us after the service to chat as this is the best time to make connections.    

What's a Baptist Church?   We are a mainstream Christian church who are enthusiastic about our faith! We are part of the Baptist Churches of New Zealand, a group of over 200 churches who support and encourage each other.