Sunday Service Times

        9:45am  Contemporary Service
        3pm       Mandarin Service
        7pm       Youth
 (yrs 9-13)

         219 Ti Rakau Drive, Pakuranga
         (Enter by 2 Fremantle Pl)
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Faith at Home: Equipping Parents

Parents and important caregivers provide the strongest influence in a child’s path to faith in Jesus and living like one of his disciples. 

Pulse - Intermediates (11-12 yrs)

Children at this pivotal phase of life are beginning to assert their independence, with their own opinions and choices--including questioning faith claims.

Rather than being intimidated, we want to walk closely with intermediate-aged children and help them to explore these questions within a robust teaching framework.

Converge - College (13-17yrs)

The teens have been described as ‘white-water rafting years’: terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time! This is where all of the preparation of childhood is put to the test. Teenagers desire the security of childhood with the autonomy of adulthood.

As teens try on adult identities and decide who they will be, we want to provide a loving, wise voice, to help shape and encourage them to maturity in life and faith and pick them up when they stumble.

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