Sunday Service Times

        9:45am  Contemporary Service
        3pm       Mandarin Service
        7pm       Youth
 (yrs 9-13)

         219 Ti Rakau Drive, Pakuranga
         (Enter by 2 Fremantle Pl)
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Faith at Home

Take It Home: Equipping Parents

Parents and important caregivers provide the strongest influence in a child’s path to faith in Jesus and living like one of his disciples. 

Services for children on Sunday mornings (Kidzone & Pulse) and Sunday evenings (Converge) help them to experience their faith with other children, teenagers and adults. Teaching at both home and church matter. We believe that the old saying “faith begins at home” is still true today.

Since 2012 Pakuranga Baptist Church has been helping adults and children learn new skills, ideas, views and wisdom. We call this Faith at Home.

Four times a year Faith at Home sessions take place, each time involving a different age group. The children and their parents or important caregivers attend the creative, interactive and informative Faith at Home session together. This happens during the morning service. The chart shows the topics and age groups - the cycle is repeated every three to four years.



Faith at Home Topics


During school terms the children are involved in the first 20 minutes of main service so they can worship and listen together with the adults. Four times a year the children and youth actively participate in a Discovery Day service – often running the whole of the main service. We encourage all adults to experience and enjoy these services because the children and youth grow when they are involved in this way. 

Twice a month we publish a blog in our newsletter to reinforce what is being taught at Faith at Home. You can read the latest blog posts using the links on this page. We also recommend this online resource vibrant faith at home.