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16 FEBRUARY 2020


2 February 2020

"It Takes a Child to Raise A Village." Yes, you heard it right -it takes a relationship with a child to raise a village! There is something about older people's lives that are only made complete by a relationship with a young person or a child. Think of your last meaningful conversation with someone younger. No doubt it was full of give and take. You both learnt. You both were challenged. You certainly came away feeling more alive Younger and older need each other. It's God's design for His church.  

Intergenerational relationships are considered a sign of health. No intergenerational relationships were considered a sign of death (Malachi 4:6). The Lord is beckoning us to invest in the lives of others younger in the faith than us in 2020.  We all have something to give. Who is He drawing you towards?

Pastor Andrew


December is always a busy time for most families with various events wrapping up for the year.  Everywhere there is the reminder of Christmas cheer and to overindulge this time of the year.  However, Christmas is also a great season for Christian families to emphasise the good news of Jesus, to build and share faith and create lasting memories together.  

Here are some Christmas traditions your family could perhaps adopt.  

1.   Make it a family event by decorating your Christmas tree.  Use this opportunity to talk about Jesus is the real reason for the season and how He came to earth to be the light of the world (John 1:9). 

2.   Buy or make a new ornament for each child each year.  A grandmother from our church still hangs her children’s special ornaments every year! 

3.  Donate toys to op shops or food items to charities. As we celebrate the gift of Jesus it is a great opportunity to get your kids into the habit of ‘giving and not just receiving’ (2 Corinthians 9:6).  

Create your own Christmas traditions that work for your family, the possibilities are endless. Making the time to enjoy the holidays together and create memories that will stand out in our children’s minds when they look back on their time at home.   

Have a blessed advent season.   Pastor Jacqueline

24 november 2019

Celebrating the Christian seasons is a highlight of a [email protected] family.  What can you do for Christmas?  Here's some random ideas: buy an Advent calendar to count down each day to Christmas, decorate the rooms of your house, read the Christmas story verse by verse in a Bible or children's storybook before the big day, prepare cards and gifts for family and church, give some pocket money to the church's Christmas appeal, bake Christmas foods like gingerbread houses, play Christmas music, buy matching PJs, drive around to see the lights, attend a carol service, buy gifts for each other -a shopping expedition, watch Christmas movies together, make a special visit to family and friends, host someone you don't know that well for a Christmas meal, create a family wish list for 2020... you name it.  

The key is creating traditions.  What traditions do you enjoy in your home?  

Blessings, Pastor Andrew  

10 november 2019

It warms my heart to hear about how a mom humorously complained about how her children like to follow their dad to church early most Sundays, not because they have to but they wanted to. These children come to join the children ministry’s leaders to pray and bless the children service. Another child who comes early with grandparents who serves, often willingly offers his time to help with set up for children ministry. It is such a blessing and privilege to serve alongside these children and families. 

Family, parents and grandparents in particular are a vital part of a child’s spiritual influence. Deuteronomy 6:4-6 God instructs parents to impress His commands on their children. I encourage you to keep going on a journey with God and share your faith with your children, surround them with church community for them to feel belong to, and create opportunities to work out their faith; we are in this together to help our children develop their own authentic relationship with God.

Keep the faith. Pastor Jacqueline

20 OCTOBER 2019

You may not have noticed, but it was lovely on Sunday to notice several families serving together.  Three different parent and child 'teams' were involved in worship, preaching and organisation.    

Many of us think of encouraging a child's prayer life, their Bible reading or Christian fellowship when it comes to nurturing them in their relationship with Jesus.  These are inner disciplines (Habits 1-3) and social disciplines (habit 4), but have we considered the power of the outer disciplines (Habits 5-7) and doing them together? Examples are serving together in some area, e.g. door roster, morning tea roster or church cleaning, etc..  Children who not only witness their parents serving, but actually serve with them build a strong spiritual foundation for the future.  

It's God's desire to bring the hearts of families together (Malachi 4:6) so how can we use these kind of opportunities together? 

Pastor Andrew


Saying grace before meals and prayers before bedtime are two proven ways to foster your child's spiritual awareness. Coming up with your own variations of these rituals can make them even more meaningful. In the household I grew up in we memorised prayers.  One of my favourites is, "Be present at our table Lord, Be here and everywhere adored, Your kindness bless and grant that we, May strengthened for Your service be.  Amen." There are also other ways to use prayer in everyday moments to further your children and young people's faith development. For example, if you are out driving and you see a police car or an ambulance  going to a scene in a hurry, you can pray "Keep them all safe, Jesus," together with others in the car.  That way they will know that God is always listening.  

Pastor Andrew. 

15 September 2019


Dedicating children to God has a rich history.  In 1 Samuel 1:28 Hannah and Elkanah ‘give their baby to God,’ in Luke 2:28 Joseph and Mary present Jesus to the Lord, and in Mark 10:16 Jesus does the same thing with little children: ‘He took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them.’   Dedicating children to God is a number of things:   

  • giving thanks to God for the gift of a child;  
  • the parents public commitment to raise their child in a way that honours God and honours the child;  
  • an outward expression of the parents inward desire to grow the faith of their child to a stage where they are able to make their own commitment to Jesus as Saviour;  
  • acknowledgement of the parents responsibility before God to develop a home life full of love and security;  
  • and a chance to be prayed for so that all these things might happen!  

Infant dedication is not a guarantee that they will become a born again Christian.  We hope they do, but it will be a decision they’ll have to make for themselves at an appropriate age and we welcome their baptism at an age when they understand what they are doing.  

Pastor Andrew  

1 September 2019

I think it is great that once a year we get to acknowledge our men. Many of them are our unsung heroes. They are not perfect by any means, but their words, their work, and their presence has been a source of support, strength and spirituality over our years. 

Today I want to ask you is there a man you can thank for their presence in your life. It needn't be your Dad - just someone who you appreciate, but you might never have said thank you to. How could you thank them this week? You ask, 'What has this got to do with a Faith at Home?' Well Christian are natural encouragers and we acknowledge those who have left a good legacy for us. When we thank others we model something previous for our mokopuna and they may, in turn, come to thank us! (Exodus 20:12). Happy Dad's Day. 

Pastor Andrew